PPE Distributors, real wind of change for the African PPE Market

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Are you a Proud African PPE Distributors and safety equipment Supplier?

Are you perhaps finished with your MBA, college degree or already an aspiring entrepreneur somewhere in Africa? Looking to obtain your share of the Personal Protective Equipment industry? But struggling to find a reliable source! 

Then this might be your opportunity! We understand through years of experience, what clientele require in Africa with regards to the right equipment. Therefore we are providing an opportunity for young aspiring entrepreneurs and current businesses within Africa. As a Large PPE Distributor situated in South Africa, we recognize that African regions require fast reliable support and consistency. 

We understand that your perfect client might be in mining, plant hire, construction and or fabrication even in food packaging. We recognize that African Entrepreneurs require to start cashing in and stimulate their own economies. Including providing required jobs within areas you might be operating in. 


If, you are looking for solutions to ensure you can address the bottom line you really need to contact us. See, the bottom line is always about profit and how to achieve that is the big question. Thus we have your solution. 

We understand that being an entrepreneur means that you have to be a Peacock, with us you obtain the relevant promises you have made to your clientele. Ensuring you can build your business name and deliver on those promises within the allotted time frames. 

 We`ve got your back always!

If you are indeed interested in what we do and how your African Business can profit and be more profitable we can provide you with the relevant information. 

Contact us at sales@ppedistributors.org.za for more information

At last a company that sees the Light to ensuring your success in Africa




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