FFP2 Face Masks Corona Virus Watch out For Scammers

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FFP2 Fraud, how to Stay Safe

Hi so we are taking this opportunity to inform you of possible scammers that might make use of the epidemic to scam you out of Time, Money and also lead to possible jail time for you and the possible closure of your business if you're not careful. 

So, to come to point stay Away from places like online Sales like Gumtree, Junk Mail or other platforms. Not that there is anything wrong with these platforms, granted they do have their value and they do work. But not for PPE, FFP2 Face Masks and protection for the Corona Virus.

Not one reputable Manufacturer, Supplier will utilize these platforms to sell their product online.

So look at out at what you will need If the person is advertising on the above platforms.

1. Company CK document 

2. Company director ID 

3. Valid Banking details

4. Stock Sheet of the Stock in store.

5. VAT Registration 

6. You then will be required to set up a meeting and verify the stock yourself.

Do not ever do the following:

1. Paying a 50% deposit to secure the stock if you have not verified the above.

2. Arrange buyers from overseas to come to inspect the stock if you cannot verify yourself.

3. Be pressured by the seller to perform a deposit first to see the stock.

It does not matter who the seller is, stick to these facts and you will be safe. Including staying out of Prison for fraud you might have unknowingly have committed. Also, follow your own judgment. If it sounds too good to be true well we all know what that means. Then it probably is.

For more information on this topic, you can contact the writer at 0826107702

If you have verifiable stock let us know we have International Buyers standing By to collect right now!


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