MURUROA V4F1 Air fed Suit

V4F1 Air fed Suit

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MURUROA V4F1 Air fed Suit


Air-Fed Suits Integrated Respiratory Protection and Protective Clothing Honeywell Industrial Safety offers a complete range of air-fed suit products specifically designed to protect workers against hazards in nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical and biological environments. Our Ventilated Solutions The complete range of ventilated suits and hoods provides full protection for the worker while allowing him to move freely. Benefiting from a high level of protection and less thermal stress while in action, professionals choose Honeywell as a partner for high-risk operations: protection against radioactive particles during shut-downs or maintenance operations in nuclear plants, handling chemical compounds in pharmaceutical industries, research on viruses in BSL laboratories. With respiratory protection integrated directly into the protective suit, Air-Fed suits are the ideal solution for a range of applications. Air-Fed Suit Protection Factor (PF) The Protection Factor is the measurement of the concentration between the inside and outside of the protective suit (using NaCl solid particles 1/ µm). When the PF is greater than 000, only one particle is likely to penetrate the suit. The Mururoa BLU suit is a Class suit with a Protection Factor > 0,000. The following suits are Class suits with a Protection Factor > 0,000: Mururoa BP Mururoa VF1 Mururoa MTH Hapichem BLS EN Standards and Approvals All the nuclear equipment is in Category (protection against serious or fatal hazards) EN 160: 00 / A1: 009 Protective clothing against liquid chemicals. Performance requirements for clothing with liquid-tight (Type ) or spray-tight (Type ) connections, including items providing protection to parts of the body only. EN 107-1: 1998 Protective clothing against radioactive contamination: Requirements and test methods for ventilated protective clothing against particulated radioactive contamination. EN 119-: 008 Antistatic: Electrostatic protection when correctly earthed. ELECTROSTATIC-INERIS: Volunteer certification intended to ensure the safety of certain equipment (hoses, filters, etc.) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with electrostatic risks because used in Atex area (EN16-1 :009). ATEX certified (Group IIIA, IIIB, IIIC, dust zones 1 and ). EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE: 89/686/EEC NF EN 19 Continuous flow compressed air line breathing apparatus (Respiratory protective devices). EN 191 Respiratory protective devices, powered filtering devices incorporating a hood. EN 907 Protection against the propagation of flames* * Does not protect against flames - Limited burning if it catches fire - Not for use in the event of fire.

Life is too short to live without the V4F1 Air fed Suit. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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